Palm Sunday

25 Mar                 9.30am        All Saints                 Eucharist

                           11am            Churston                 Eucharist

                           11am            St Mary’s                 Procession of Palms and Eucharist

                           5pm?            Barn Chapel            Concert/recital details to be confirmed

Mon 26 Mar        10.30am       St Mary’s                 Eucharist

Tues 27 Mar        7pm             St Mary’s                 Stations of the Cross with Eucharist

Wed 28 Mar        10.30am      St Mary’s                 Eucharist

                             4pm            Barn Chapel             Contemplative service with a focus on persecuted Christians

Maundy Thursday

29 Mar                 10am          Barn Chapel         Eucharist

                             8pm           St Mary’s               BMC joint Eucharist with stripping of the altar, followed by the Watch until midnight

Good Friday

30 Mar                 10am          All Saints              Stations of the Cross

                           10am           Barn Chapel          Meditation on the Last Words from the Cross

                           12 noon       Kingswear             Good Friday meditation

                             2pm            St Mary’s               Good Friday devotion

                            3.30pm       Churston               Meditation

Sat 31 Mar          8pm             St Mary’s               Lighting of the Easter Candle

Easter Day

Sun 1 Apr              6am          All Saints                 Dawn service

                             6am          Churston                 Service of Light

                             8am          Barn Chapel            Easter Eucharist

                             9.30am     All Saints                Eucharist

                             9.30am     Churston                 Easter Eucharist

                             11am         Kingswear             Easter Communion

                             11am         St Mary’s               Easter Eucharist