St. Mary's Harbourside Fayre 2015






The Church Interior

St Mary's Interior


A Poem written by Stephen Kirkpatrick
and published in the Mision Community magazine.

A Poem by Stephen Kirkpatrick
Member (and Crucifer) of St.Mary’s, Brixham

People fighting, people dying, people mourning, people crying.
There is no fun, there is no laughter,
our dead and dying we must look after.
It’s all so very sad to see; people dying next to me.
Some I know, some I don’t - I will not kill, no, no I won’t!
They can lock me up and lose the key;
it doesn’t matter much to me
for I will not kill my fellow man or fight your bloody wars:
I’ll just hug them, shake their hands
and tell them I’m from foreign lands.
Then sat together, we’ll break some bread,
sing hymns and offer prayers instead


!station of the crossOne of the New Stations of the Cross


Post card of Brixham Harbour

Postcard of Brixham available at St Mary's Church - Painted by Sue Shaw